Van Maart 2008 tot en met Mei 2008 hebben wij gereisd van Hongarije naar Tsjechie.

Vanaf maart hebben wij alle verhalen in het Engels geschreven en gepubliceerd op

www.slow-express-journey.com .

March 17-2008 Bakonybank 6 The first trip from Lázi (Hungary) Afbeelding / Picture
18 Alsóvasdinnye puszta 15 On a big meadow. Offered coffee by Andras and Agnes after a slow travel.
19 Kisigmánd 19 Close to the cemetry. With oat, sausages and  alcohol in the morning.
20 Hadovce (Slovakia) 18 Our first spot in Slovakia. The neighbours baked some pancakes for us.
21 Kolárovo 18 On a camping. The owner didn't want us to pay.
22-23 Neded 19 Eastern! The woman who showed us the spot came back later with Goulash.
24 Sal'a 15 A small spot next to a garage. Also spirits in the morning.
25 Szered 16 A bit strange spot at the border of a big city.
Lots of rubbish besides the  spot. Ugh!
26 Trnava 17 On the meadow in front of a factory.
Between truckdrivers. 
27-28 Smolenice 23 A big empty spot between houses.
Loads of kids, we let them ride Aysha and Isabella.
Neighbours Josef and Lidia have done our laundry!
Good people
29-30 Buková 15 On the sloop of a big lake after a hard day of work in the Slovakian landscape.
Laksárska Nová Ves
18 Close to a ridingschool under construction
113 miles 2427 km

Sastín-Stráze 14 Behind a farm at the end of a small village. At last also an Internetcafé!
3 Kuty 12 On a big spot between houses. The owner asking us when we leave. He is very friendly and two hours later he brings 20 kilo oat. An other neighbours brings in hay and two jerrycans water and two coffee!. We are surrounded with little kids and we practice the Slovakian language. Very funny and lots of laughs.
4-5 Breclav (Czech Republic) 18 Our first place in Czech. We need some campingsupplies and a  new way for mobil Internet access during our stay in Czech.This city is big enough to have it all. We find an "autocamping", the owner opens it, especcialy for us.
6 Ladna 5 A man stopped us on the road, inviting to his friends ranch. never had such an unespected invitation, turning into an very exciting afternoon, on a foal breeder ranch.
7 Hustopec(e 18 City camping and hotel. In the hope we can do our laundry. Bad luck. The hotel-owner immidiatly calls a journalist. Pictures are made, with us and the hotel at the background on request of the hotel owner. We have to pay full price accomodation, next morning! Maybe we have to read this e-Book to learn something!
8 Syrovice 19 Between farms on a private playground. Lovely family, we can stay on the kids playground. Breakfast in the morning!
9-10 Strelice 12 With a wonderfull host, Jan, who take care of the horses when we play tourist in Brno. Jan's neighbours Radic, Dana, Petra, son Radic and Katrina  drinking beer and talking to us. Nice people, to remember. Loads of compliments about the horses condition. John who works hard for that, is very proud.
11 Ostrovacice 21 A very difficult driving day. Large rolling hills. The last one we don't take (12 % up-hill) It's not mentioned on our map.  Tomorrow we try another route or we have to arrange help.
12-13 Zbraslav 15 Very steep hills, at last we are on 520 meters height! However the horses are wonderfull. So are the fooks inviting us in their garden after a rough day on Czech roads.
14 Jivovi 24 In the middle of the villagecenter on childrens playground. We assure them we only stay for one night.

Ždár nad Sázavou

29 On the lawn of  hotel/restaurant Grunt. The city  Ždár nad Sázavou is  situated on the river Sázava at 580 meters height. The hotel owner has horses herself. The horses, and we, are in need for some "vacation". In this hotel we have free access to internet,  and the time for some surprisingly reflection.
18 U"davy 22 Behind a Pub, not much grass but enough for one night. On our lunchplace an enthousiastic Hafling breeder. "Do he know where to buy a mineral-stone for the horses?". In the evening he delivers one at the carriage! We pay him and of he goes again.
19 Medlešice 30 Behind a flowerstore. Horses on a dumpyard but with good grass. For almost an hour, followed by a photographer from the local newspaper.
20-21 Srnojedy (Pardubice) 23 The Hippodrome racecourse asks 60 Euro to stay there. That's beyond our reach. They give instead hay for free to take with us. The things we experience? You never know......
22 Selmice 28 In the backyard on a horse trainings field 
23 Veltruby (Kolin) 24 In front of a fabric. Truck noises in the morning
24-25-26 Podebrady 12 On a camping. We need a postaddress to receive post from home. Everywhere we see the Harbinger of Spring
27-28-29-30 Rozkoš (Kostomlaty nad Labem) 11 On a farm from famous Dutch Alle Loman a champion Sulky racer, well-known in Czech because he is racing for The Netherlands as well for this country. We have an article about him in the upcomming  World Cup of Amateur Racing 
Afbeelding / Picture
This month: 337 2964 Total

May 1-2-3 Rozkoš (Kostomlaty nad Labem) - 2964- More about a horse drawn vehicle , and Sulky racer Alle Loman. We also get the chance to visit Prague city with our kids. Our daughter was lucky when she lost her drivers licence a friendly man gave it back. However this Czech Republic Prague article about safety tips can be useful. We didn't have any problems:
This Prague city has stolen our heart! 
4 Stará Boleslav 21 21 At the front of an autodealer
5-6-7 Melnik 22 22 On a city camping (pleasantly clean showers and toilets!) At last some time for "leisure activity".
We also meet Jan. A young Czech man, coming up with  special
Travel Opportunities
8 Záluži 25 25 Near the river labe. This morning the police checked our  papers. Every thing all right.
9-10 Brozani Nad Ohri 15 15 On a camping again because we are in need of a blacksmith. The way we find  addresses, this horse drawn journey stops on the road asking some people and  get the answers in Dutch!!
11 Lovosice (Usti nad Labem) 19 19 On a Yaghtcub. The owner offers us a shower and brings two cold sizzling beers to the caravan. Cheers!
12 Ústì nad Labem 30 30 Near the Labe. Ústì nad Labem is a big city with a train crosspoint, trolley bus lane and the approch road to the highway into Germany. Loads of  trucks behind and next to us till we reach the more quiet road.
13 Decin 25 25


Afbeelding / Picture

14 Decin - - After the accident
15 Ústì nad Labem - - Another hospital, waiting for further action. Arrangements about travel insurance keeping us busy.
16 Ústì nad Labem - - Action: A Dutch ambulance, picks the both of us up. Home on saterday.
17 Netherlands - - Finally a Dutch Hospital. The plaster is removed and at last  treatment for John's ankle. However still no operation. We are send home waiting till his ankle is more or less normal. We are making plans for the near future.

Aid and Assistance

We receive hug amounts of emails with encouragement after the accident. We can’t tell you how much it helps reading this emails.

Returning email question is a donation button on our website.

Aim of telling you about the accident was, and is, not to collect money but to inform everybody reading our blog.

However, we admit that we are facing a big financial challenge bringing back the horses and organizing our life.


Thea and John Verhoeckx

Afbeelding / Picture

18 Netherlands - - Back to the hospital. X-ray shows that John needs new plaster again.
19-20 Netherlands - - If everything goes the doctor wants John to get his operation Wednesday May 28.
21-22-23 Czech - - Hours and hours of  talking, planning and 100-1 ideas we decide to leave the Caravan in Czech. Only personal stuff we pick up. Not a happy journey back to Czech!
24-25-26 Netherlands - - We staying at our family. Organizing our life again.
27 Tilburg Netherlands - - Admission into the hospital
28-29 Tilburg Netherlands - - John on the operation table. It did not come up to our expectations.We hoped for an outpatient treatment but now John has to stay for another week.
31 Tilburg Netherlands - - The effect on John's ankle is much worse than we thought. A big wound on each side on the ankle and an open wound on top of his feet. Eight screws in total and a metal plate attached to the bone. In the future maybe a skin-transplantation to cover the upper-wound. We both are very depressed after this message.  
this month 132 3096 total

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