Afbeelding / Picture    Afbeelding / Picture

June , 1-2-3-4 Waalwijk (Netherlands) - - A new hospital. Close to the place we live: Kerkdriel.
5-6 Kerkdriel - - Three weeks after the accident we have l ife changing decisions to make
7 Kerkdriel - - John is home from the hospital. Not alloud to walk, not even with crutches! Only a wheelchair so he can keep his leg up. Together again.
Also surprisingly, amazing, confusing news from Czech. More about that later. Now we have to celebrate John's homecoming.......
8 Kerkdriel - - Not only news about equestrian transport !......much more news!
9-10-11 Kerkdriel - - We are in the process of bringing back the horse drawn caravan. Petr from Czech repaired it and now we need transport. Old friends are searching for possibiltities. Its heartwarming and overwjhelming the help we recieve.
Good News: Aysha and Isabella are back home!!! maybe we see them this weekend.
12 Tilburg - - Major setback:
After a routine control in the hospital the surgeon is telling the bad news. John needs another operation. He has an inside infection where the metalplates are  fixed on his ancle. He is back in the hospital for another week with an antibiotic drip. We hope for the best.
13 Tilburg - - The operation went well. The wound is clean now. John is in a low mood however, making the best of it again. I brought his notebook and my hero is at work again!
Aysha and Isabella are doing well . Because of Johns operation we can't see them yet.
14-15 Tilburg/Kerkdriel - - After examination and the bacterial culture results John needs antibiotic through a drip for the next two weeks. He stays in the hospital.
16-17 Tilburg/Kerkdriel - - John's positive attitude and humor in life carries him through the day. Not to forget viewing the European Soccer Tournement.

Afbeelding / Picture

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